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    Neuroquip now manufactures a 'GRASP' Kit to complement it’s ‘Action Research Arm Test’  Kit, ‘Box & Block Test’ Kit and ‘Nine Hole Peg Test’ Kit. 


    GRASP (Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Programme) is an arm and hand exercise system for persons recovering from stroke and other neurological disorders causing upper limb dysfunction. 


    A safe, effective and relatively inexpensive modality, GRASP encourages self-management of upper-limb recovery in the domestic environment to supplement clinical interventions by qualified therapists. 


    GRASP is performed over three, increasingly challenging levels based on home-based  exercises to improve range of motion, strength, weight-bearing, fine motor control activity and overall functionality. 


    GRASP has been tested in a randomised controlled trial and published results show it to be an effective programme. A full summary of the originally specified GRASP can be downloaded from our website. 


    The Neuroquip GRASP Kit contains everything you and the patient need to perform all three  levels of this excellent home-based rehabilitation programme and comes fully complete in a handy carrying case with a comprehensive instruction manual. 


    The equipment supplied for each activity level has been duplicated and triplicated where necessary. This means that 3 patients at different locations can be actively engaged on the Programme at all three levels simultaneously.  


    As with all of Neuroquip’s Kits, lost components can be replaced individually as required.  


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